Below are the Website use main terms and conditions


Main concepts used in the Website.

Client: 18-year-old natural or legal person with active legal capacity, who orders transfer services, tours on this Website and pays for them.

Contractor: “BFDA” LLC, which is the organizer of services.

Voucher: A document stating the reservation and containing summary information thereon, which is provided to the Client in an electronic form.

Order: Online or electronic order/ reservation by the Client of services provided by the Contractor.

Website: a website belonging to BFDA LLC, which contains information on the services provided by the latter as well as enables online reservation or purchase of such services, the address of which is

Personal account: A website section for placing an individual and online order by the Client.

Agreement: An agreement concluded between the Client and the Contractor by means of a public offer and acceptance. 

General provisions

Order placement, payment

The Client shall place the order online, individually, choosing the preferred option offered on the Website.

18-year-old physical persons shall have the right to conclude payment transactions in case of placing an order on the Website or by post or in the Contractor’s office. The payment may also be made in cash or through a bank transfer.

In the event of transfer services, the cost of the entire service shall be calculated pursuant to the tariff stated on the Website, regardless of age and in case of tours, the trip shall be free of charge for one 3-year-old child.

Order cancellation

In case of cancelling or editing the Order at least 12 hours prior to proceeding the Order, no fine or non-refundable charges shall apply, while in case of the Order cancellation after the mentioned term, the amount is not refundable.

Rights and obligations of the Parties

The Contractor shall have the right to:

Change the terms of the Website use as well the website content. The changes shall take effect from the moment of their publication on the Website.

The Contractor shall be obliged to:

Open a Profile for the Client in case of a request submitted by the latter.

The Client shall have the right to:

Use all the services presented on the Website.

If the Contractor has provided the transfer service half an hour late and it is not a result of force-majeure or such a traffic jam, which could not be predicted then the Contractor shall be obliged to pay to the Client a fine in the amount of AMD 50,000 /fifty thousand/.

The Client shall be obliged to:

Provide any information necessary for the organization and performance of all the services provided on the Website.

When registering in the Profile, mention only accurate data. In the event of unreliable data provided by the Client as well as in the event of reasonable suspicion by the Contractor /including the impossibility of contact due to non-existence of mentioned contact information or in other cases/ the Contractor shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

Order additional services (excursions, etc.) exceptionally through the Contractor through the latter’s office or by a phone call. The order of other tours from drivers providing services and acting on behalf of the Contractor through bypassing the Contractor shall not be permitted. In case of discovery of such an event, the Client shall pay the Contractor a fine in the amount of AMD 50,000 /fifty thousand/.


In the event of online card payment, in case of money chargeback the Client shall pay a fine in the amount of AMD 200,000/ two hundred thousand/ and compensation for damages in the amount of money subjected to chargeback.

Dispute settlement

Disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, the dispute shall be settled by courts of general jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia.

In case of emergence of any dispute, the Client shall have the right to submit an appeal to the Contractor within 1/one/ week.


The Client shall hereby approve that he/she is familiar  with the general terms and conditions of the Website use and accept them.

The Contractor shall not be responsible for cancelling the trip as a consequence of circumstances beyond his/her control, such as weather conditions and impassability of roads. If the mentioned case is found out after proceeding the order, money is not refundable, however in case it is found out before starting the trip, the money is fully refundable.

The prices of museums, hotels, ropeways as well as prices for other tickets or food charged by any other organization are not included in the tariffs provided on the Website.

These terms and conditions are provided in Armenian. Other language versions of the Website are alternative options for the convenience of users. In case of any inconsistency between the Armenian and versions in other languages, the Armenian version shall prevail.